...It is the best solution partner of the costumers thanks to its strategic project management services that are provided to numerous trademarks with different qualities and sizes and from different sectors...

Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş. renders services at completely different geographies ranging from Sweden to Madagascar and from Costa Rica and Pakistan and to completely different visions ranging from local approaches to global disciplines.

It develops complete solutions that represent the processes of design, project, manufacturing, installation and service to its domestic and international clients. Single contact point that provides turnkey products and services independent from external parties is a business method favoured by customers. This organization structure is further strengthened through the relevant group companies.

An ERP system that includes all of the units and functions ranging from survey to installation and procurement to accounting is used within the organization of Sistem Reklamcılık A.Ş. The relevant units can enter data in relation to their own units at each stage of the project while all of the other units can benefit from the system in terms of work follow-up and inspection. The project manager that is assigned to each project monitors all of the stages of the project as the eye of its costumer at the factory and makes reporting of the same at the frequency requested by the costumer and including the details requested by the same.